Hypnotherapy works by changing the way you think! Perhaps you get anxious in certain situations, or maybe you have a habit that just isn’t working for you. Sometimes, as much as we ‘want to change’, willpower is not enough, that’s where Hypnotherapy can help.

Hypnosis is a wonderful feeling of deep relaxation, you are not fully awake or asleep, however you remain totally in control throughout. It is a natural and wonderful state and in fact we all experience trance like states on a regular basis. It can be similar to the feeling of drifting off to sleep and many people are surprised to find how natural and normal it feels.

Hypnotherapy is a very safe therapy: it is all about comfort and relaxation. When you are fully relaxed your conscious mind is switched off and your unconscious mind is open to learning new things and create new patterns of behaviour: this is why Hypnotherapy is so successful.

Hypnotherapy can help a wide variety of issues, some of which are below, however, this list is not exhaustive, so please contact me to see if Hypnotherapy can help YOU!

Stop Smoking
Weight Loss
Anger Management
Behavioural Problems
Confidence / Low Self Esteem
Stress / Anxiety / Panic Attacks
Sleep Pattern Disruption
Fear of: Needles / Dentists / Flying / Spiders / Water / Height / Public Speaking
Habits / Compulsive Disorders
Pain Control

Treatment can be completed in one session in the case of stop smoking and for other issues, may be arranged over several sessions: I offer a bespoke service and all clients are assessed on an individual basis so please contact me to find out more.


“Thank you for everything you have done for our daughter. She has collected her GCSE results and I’m sure she would not have been able to achieve these results without the help you gave her to overcome the panic and anxiety that had been a part of her life for so long. She is now much more confident in so many situations and is looking forward to starting 6th form and I really cannot thank you enough for everything you have done and the positive effect you have had on her and our whole family.”

“Thank you Anna, you’ve allowed me to take the lid of the box that had been kept shut for too long. I’ve now sorted through the contents and got rid of what I don’t need anymore. I’m free now to live the life I’m meant to live.”

“Amazed that after the first session I’ve been able to focus more easily at work, sleep better and even my acid indegestion has improved!”